Pollen Master

Pollen Master is a Canadian made electric motor powered dry-sift tumbler designed for collecting botanical flower essences. It also works very well for cleaning seeds.

Pollen Masters are carefully hand crafted in our facility in Vancouver, Canada and constructed from top grade materials. The sturdy boxes are imported from Switzerland, based on a frame design, manufactured from molded, food grade Polypropylene that is heat and cold resistant for long lasting strength and durability.

Save time and money. Tumble your material quickly and efficiently. No messy bags, water or ice.

No more waste. Simply load your dry, frozen material into the drum and let the motor do the work! The entire process takes only 15 minutes!


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  1. Pollen Master Replacement Screen

    Item #: PMRS

    Available in 12 Options

    $60.54 - $105.60
  2. Pollen Master Dry Sift Tumbler

    Item #: PM-DRY-SIFT

    Available in 4 Options

    $654.72 - $3,180.29
  3. Pollen Master Motor

    Item #: PM-MOTOR

    Available in 3 Options

    $155.44 - $1,324.80
  4. Pollen Master Replacement Drum

    Item #: PM-RDRUM

    Available in 12 Options

    $158.40 - $695.32

    Out of stock

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4 Item(s)

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