J&D Manufacturing Green Breeze HAF Recirculating Fan

J&D Manufacturing Green Breeze HAF Recirculating Fan


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The Green Breeze HAF Fan is ideal for providing airflow to eliminate hot and cold spots throughout your greenhouse

Green Breeze HAF fans from J&D Manufacturing feature a patented guard with a hinged door on the front of the guard for easy access while cleaning. The shape of the guard creates a tighter air pattern enabling these fans to throw air farther than typical HAF fans. These fans come in 12”, 20”, and 24” with Thrust CFM ratings ranging from 1,020 to 5,250. They also have a 10’ cord and grounded plug attached. No assembly required and a standard bracket is included. Motors are maintenance-free and carry a two-year warranty. Variable speed capable when used with variable speed control (sold separately).

Horizontal Air Flow (HAF) fans are an important part of any grow facility. They de-stratify the air. This helps bring warm air out of the peak or ceiling, mixing it with the cooler air underneath so your heater doesn’t need to turn on so soon after the sun goes down. They also provide a fresh supply of carbon dioxide to your plants and blow humidity out of the plant canopy. HAF fans also “scrub” the corners helping to evaporate condensation. Workers enjoy the breeze too!

J&D’s Green Breeze assists in reducing winter heating costs by efficiently moving air throughout the greenhouse creating a more uniform temperature. Then for overall improved plant health and to harden plants before shipping them to market, reduce the fan speed and adjust the air pattern towards the plants to stimulate hardiness and growth.

Features of the Green Breeze HAF Fan

  • Available in 12", 20" and 24"
  • CFM ratings of 1020, 3650, 5250
  • Single Phase
  • Includes hot dip galvanized mounting bracket with u-bolts and hardware
  • Patented Open Front Guard cuts maintenance time and costs
  • Variable speed motors for year-round air circulation (requires separate variable speed control to adjust fan speed)
  • Attached 10 ft. cord with 3-prong plug pre-wired for 115 Volts
  • Can also be wired for 230 Volts
  • Direct drive - no belts or bearings to maintain
  • Corrosion resistant, white powder coated guards
  • Mounting bracket mounts directly to the yoke of motor to reduce vibration for smooth fan operation
  • Fan ships completely assembled and ready for installation
  • The tapered side guard creates a tight air pattern that throws air much farther than conventional basket fans

Patented Open Front Guard

The Green Breeze is the only HAF fan on the market with the patented open front feature. The unique design helps cut cleaning time and maintenance costs so you are back to full energy efficient, high-output operation in no time. U.S. patent No. 5,348,447

J&D Manufacturing’s design allows for more air flow and a consistent air pattern. This maximizes heat distribution and humidity control by mixing the air, from ceiling to floor – under, over and around your plants.

The Green Breeze HAF fan has precise guard spacing to greatly reduce air restriction when compared to conventional basket fans. Wider gaps also minimize dirt bridging on the guards ensuring a more uniform performance between cleaning and longer motor life.

Totally enclosed, maintenance-free, high-efficiency motors have completely sealed ball bearings, UL and CUL recognized, and are covered by a Two Year Warranty

Pattern for greenhouse

Specifications for Green Breeze Fans

SKU Size Speed
VBG12 12" 1/Var^
VBG20 20" 1/Var^
VBG24 24" 1/Var^
CFM CFM/Watt Drive
1,020 CFM 8.8 Direct
3,650 CFM 11.8 Direct
5,250 CFM 12.1 Direct

^Variable speed fans require separate variable speed control to adjust fan speed

Product Q&A

J&D Manufacturing Green Breeze HAF Recirculating Fan Questions & Answers

Q: What is recirculation ventilation?
A: Recirculation Ventilation uses a series of recirculation fans that are positioned to blow air across the animals to create a cooling effect. When designed properly with an open or curtain sidewall, you can also get an air exchange in the building.

Q: What is the purpose of ventilation?
A: Ventilation helps to maintain a healthy environment by regulating moisture and humidity, controlling temperatures, removing fumes and odors, and exchanging fresh air for humans and animals to maximize productivity.

Q: What should I consider when buying a ventilation fan?
A: There are many important factors to consider when purchasing a fan. Besides cost, you should also consider the efficiency of the fan, the noise level, and the energy use. Many ventilation fans have a lower upfront price tag but will cost you more over time by consuming large amounts of energy.

Q: When is the right time to add a cooling system to my ventilation system?
A: J&D recommends a cooling system when temperatures reach between 85° - 90° depending on your application.

Q: How do I wire my ventilation motor?
A: J&D recommends having all electrical work performed by a certified electrician. The electrician can find the wiring diagram on the motor label.

Q: What is J&D’s warranty on your electric fan motors?
A: J&D offers a 2-year replacement warranty on all electric fan motors, unlike many of our competitors who offer only a one year warranty. Warranty is based on invoice date to the dealer, J&D does not cover freight or labor. POW14, POW18, POW18B, POW24OSC, POW30OSC, VBM60PSC-P, VBM148PSC-P, PDF24, and VRSM10-Power inlet motor carry a 1-year warranty.

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