HBX Trellis Netting

HBX Trellis Netting

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This heavy duty, nylon netting is great for adding support to crops with heavy tops or just evening out the canopy of fruiting and flowering plants.

With 6" reach through mesh it allows for easier maneuvering when you need to tend to your plants, as well as providing better exposure to light and air.

Benefits of Using Trellis Netting

  • Increases yields and encourages bigger healthier plants
  • Allows tops of plants to remain at the same height for more even growth
  • Supports plants so energy can be focused on fruiting and not supporting itself
  • Trains plants to grow vertically
  • Available Sizes: 5 ft x 15 ft or 5 ft x 30 ft

HBX Trellis Netting Reviews

Decent product
Used this indoors in my flower room and worked okay. Was a bit hard to unravel, but I did just throw it to the side and maybe tangled it myself.

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