Grotek Root Force

Grotek Root Force


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Supporting root development is key to crop success. Root Force aids in providing optimal nutrient conditions for the development of important secondary root structures.

These structures can improve nutrient uptake, support connections with mycorrhizae, and build stronger plants by contributing to a more robust root system. This formula can help provide a buffer against abiotic environmental pressure such as drought and under-watering, giving plants a chance to bounce back quicker from stressful conditions. Root Force is designed to support biology, especially bacteria. This product also supports fungi, as it aims to support roots without added phosphorus - an element that can inhibit the development of some mycorrhizae.

Root Force provides key energy to help drive the development of secondary roots and root hairs, which are important for nutrient absorption. During periods of abiotic stress, roots can die back. Root Force provides the nutrients that are necessary to build back new root tips more quickly. This rapid response to abiotic stress can make an immense difference at harvest. The root zone is the biological metropolis in soils, supporting abundant and diverse microbial populations in an otherwise desert landscape. A larger root system is not only more adept at absorbing nutrients but supports a greater abundance of beneficial microbes. Mycorrhizae need to contact roots to form a bond - with increased root foraging, connections are made more rapidly and extensively. The non-phosphorus formula in Root Force benefits hyphal growth compared to high phosphorous root enhancers that suppress mycorrhizae.

Key Features:
  • Supports Robust Root Systems
  • Beneficial for Soil Microbes
  • Buffers against abiotic stress

Application Rate:1L makes 1000L of solution. Mix 1ml per 1L of water. Use as necessary at transplant and during periods of stress. Root Force can be used 3-4 times a season. Product always applied as a root drench.

Note:For best results, use Root Force at times of transplant and during periods of abiotic stress. Root Force can be used 3-4 times a season, and should always be applied as a root drench.

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