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Dry sift extraction used to be a cumbersome process, but technology has made it easy and efficient. The GreenBroz dry sift tumblers allow growers to quickly extract a ton of material without human contamination, and a higher yield.

The GreenBroz Alchemist 215 Dry Sifter Table Top Tumbler

This dry sift tumbler is perfect for a smaller work station, and can help speed of your sifting process. Use the Alchemist 215's solvent free trichome extraction technology to get the most out of your harvest!

High-quality 180 micron screens ensure you are getting everything you want, and nothing you don't. This machine can fit 6 pounds of trim at a time, resulting in yields of 15-25% by weight! If you need something a little bigger, consider the Alchemist 420.

GreenBroz Alchemist 420 Dry Sifter Commercial Tumbler/Trichome Extractor

This larger dry sift tumbler is for serious commercial growers with large amounts of trim and little time to process it. Featuring many of the same characteristics as the 215 version, including the whisper quiet motor, this larger tumbler is capable of sifting 10 pounds of trim at once, with the same efficiency of 15-25% yield by weight.

Made in beautiful San Diego, California, you cannot go wrong with either of these dry sift tumblers. You can learn more about post harvest extractions here.

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