GreenBroz make harvest easy with their high-quality bud and leaf trimming machines, and give you an option to get the most out of your plants with their dry sift tumblers. Whether you want to expedite the trimming process or extract concentrate from your plants, shop GreenBroz at Hydrobuilder for the best prices and service.

At GreenBroz, they only know one thing, quality. You can see it in the precision crafting of each and every product they make. All the products are made right here in the USA.

GreenBroz Trimming Machines and Bucking Machines

GreenBroz offers dry standard trimmer machines for medium sized harvest, which is capable of processing 2-4 pounds an hour. They also manufacture commercial dry trimming machines for those with increased trimming demands. This commercial trimmer is capable of processing 8-12 pounds an hour!

The GreenBroz Cannagin 215 Destemmer Shucker and Bucker is a must have for those tight on time. This machine will de-stem your plants at a rate of 4-6 pounds per hour.

Learn more about the best trimming machines of 2018-2019 here!

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GreenBroz Dry Sift Tumblers

If you are looking for something to do with your excess harvest, extracts are the way to go. There are a number of different types of concentrate, but dry sift is a very popular one. You can learn more about dry sifting, along with other popular extraction methods, in our post harvest extraction guide!

GreenBroz manufactures a dry sift tumbler for table tops, and a dry sift tumbler for commercial applications.

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Here at Hydrobuilder, we also carry parts and accessories for your GreenBroz equipment. You will not find more competitive pricing and better service than what we offer here!


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