Gold Label Coco Nutrient Package

Gold Label Coco Nutrient Package


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Gold Label Brand Product

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Gold Label Coco Feeding Schedule

Gold Label Coco A&B is a professional grade two part nutrient for the vegetative and flowering phase in coco and coco-based substrates.

Gold Label Coco Feeding Schedule

Coco A & B - The chelated micronutrients guarantee optimum availability over a wide Ph range. Coco A&B used together, will result in the best coco garden gardeners can dream of. Take your coco growing to new heights and yields with Gold Label Coco nutrients!

Roots - Roots is a highly concentrated root and growth stimulator with biological extracts of kelp, humic acids and high quality amino acids. Gold Label incorporates EDDHMA chelated iron which is the most stable iron on the market. Use Gold Label Roots for seedlings and cuttings through the vegetative stage until the 3rd week of flowering.

Ultra MG - Ultra MG is a nitrogen rich source of magnesium additive for all plant development stages. Ultra MG has been specifically developed to perfectly balance your NPK and micro nutrients in all stages of vegetative and generative development. It contains high quality magnesium chelate which is easily absorbed by your crop in a wide pH range. Use continuously on inert media and as a replenishment on soil and soilless media.

Ultra PK - Ultra PK is a flowering additive based on advanced polyphosphates and chelated trace elements. Ultra PK is a flower enhancer that is unrivaled in purity and quality, giving you the best yields imaginable. This formula prevents phosphorus from depositing at pH levels greater than 6.2, promotes availability of calcium, magnesium and trace elements while keeping your drip lines clean.

Goldzyme - Goldzyme is a professional grade highly concentrated enzyme based on natural enzymes. Enzymes are natural process catalysts. Gold Label Enzymes break down dead root material into nutrients that will benefit plants and make room for new root development. You can regard them as the cleaners and recyclers of the medium.

Tech Specs


BrandGold Label
Nutrient ApplicationSoil & Soilless Mix Nutrient
Nutrient TypeSynthetic Based

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