General Hydroponics Hydroponic Systems

General Hydroponics is an industry leader in hydroponics and horticulture supplies. They manufacture high-quality hydroponic systems and components without the price tag of other premium hydroponics brands.

General Hydroponics Drip Systems

General Hydroponics specializes in hydroponic drip systems. What makes these systems so popular is how simple they are, and they have many one site systems, such as the General Hydroponics WaterFarm Complete System.

General Hydroponics Aeroponic Systems

These guys also produce high quality Aeroponic Systems. Aeroponics is one of the most advanced technologies for growing plants, and can result in some seriously heavy yields.

General Hydroponics Micro Gardens

General Hydroponics Micro Gardens are perfect for growers looking to dabble in hydroponics and start small. These micro gardens house just a few plants, in a single growth module, allowing you to focus on less components. These are perfect for your first hydro grow.

General Hydroponics Hydro Components and Accessories

General Hydroponics system add on kits & accessories allow you to maximize the efficiency of your system, or piece one together yourself. You can fine delivery manifolds, epicenters, expansion kits, growth modules, and more!

If you want to learn more about growing hydroponically, check out our guide to growing hydroponically.

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