GemmaCert: Smart Potency & Composition Analysis Solution

GemmaCert: Smart Potency & Composition Analysis Solution

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GemmaCert puts Smart In-House Potency Testing in the palm of your hand

As a professional you must ensure that your products are compliant, consistent, safe, effective, and predictable.

In-house testing needs to be an important part of your Standard Operating Procedures.

With GemmaCert:

  • Test samples in-house before formal and binding testing
  • Save time and costs on potency testing
  • Improve profit predictability
  • Identify optimal harvest time
  • Make sure you get what you paid for
  • Boost customer confidence and brand loyalty
  • GemmaCert App for mobile devices - Android device required
  • Produce professional Certificates of Analysis - Example Certificate

GemmaCert analyzes total potency in 5 minutes for:

  • Dry flower buds by non-destructive means (no need to grind)
  • Trim (ground/biomass) material
  • Crude (raw) extract
GemmaCert Insides
GemmaCert Insides

Results are communicated directly to the friendly smartphone GemmaCert App. Further analysis is possible via the desktop GemmaCert Customer Portal. Compare results with the global community of GemmaCert users.

NOTE: The GemmaCert requires an Android device. to operate properly from the app.

GemmaCert has 3 variations to choose from. Each bundle has its own specifications so you can make sure you choose what you will require.

GemmaCert Lite

  • Tests whole flower only
  • Tests down to 1% potency
  • NO monthly fee

GemmaCert Essential

  • Tests whole flower/ground/extract
  • Tests down to 0.2% potency
  • $30 Monthly subscription fee

GemmaCert PRO

  • Tests whole flower/ground/extract
  • Tests down to 0.2% potency
  • NO monthly fee
  • All accesories included - Carrying Case, Trim/Extract Holders

What Seperates GemmaCert from other potency testers?

  • Accuracy - By combining NIR spectroscopy with motion mechanics and machine learning to overcome lack of flower homogeneity
  • Content detection as low 0.2% - For growers growing both primary types of flower
  • 3 modes of testing: Whole Flower, Extract, Ground material
Reliable Readings


No special skills needed to test like a Pro. Operate with your smartphone.

Saves Time

Saves Time

Results in under 5 minutes. Support real-time decision-making.

Doens't destroy flower

100% Non-Destructive

$0 Sample Waste. Test whole flowers without grinding.

Boost Profitability

Boost Profitability

Time your harvest right. Test biomass to make sure you get what you paid for. Regularly test your product in storage. Save on laboratory costs.

Eco Friendly


Distinguishes between both main types of flower product (Less than 0.2% content)

Multiple Uses


Test whole flowers, ground flowers (trim), or extracts as needed

What Technology Does GemmaCert Use?

GemmaCert® (Patent No. US10458908B2) is CE & ROHS compliant and has been validated by a certified testing laboratory to meet applicable international IEC/EN standards.

Machine Learning

GemmaCert improves with experience. Performance and accuracy are driven by a proprietary toolset of advanced mathematical tools and statistical models specifically adopted and continuously fine-tuned over the years for analyzing product. Thousands of samples, sourced worldwide, have been analyzed at GemmaCert’s ISO 17025 certified analytical laboratory creating the world’s largest proprietary database of flower spectra.

NIR Spectroscopy

GemmaCert uses Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) to analyse light by breaking down sample light beams into their constituent wavelengths. The spectrum obtained for each sample highlights the relative signal at each wavelength and, by comparing a sample spectrum with a known (or reference) spectrum, valuable information about the composition and potency of your flower is obtained. Spectrometers are widely used in the agricultural and pharmaceutical industries.

Image Analysis

GemmaCert’s visible image analysis capabilities, powered by motion mechanics, allow for optimal positioning of the NIR spectrometer at desired locations and distances from the analyzed sample and measuring spectra at multiple locations for best possible performance and accuracy.

GemmaCert Spectral Fingerprint

The GemmaCert Solution

GemmaCert is a smart solution for testing your flower, which is simple and sleek, for everyday use requiring no specific skillset for operation, and whose form gives little indication to the sophistication of the technology working underneath.

Dont Waste Flower

Don't let a few flowers lower your crops value.

Given the cost of product that must be destroyed in case of failed tests and that potency drives price, growers and manufacturers should pre-test to decrease the chances of failing official tests or getting disappointing results.

In-House Testing

GemmaCert is perfect for in-house testing

25% of flower is pre-tested before being submitted for binding tests. With GemmaCert you can test flowers in quick sequence. Averaging the results will give you great insight into the overall potency of your crop. To do the same at a lab will take you at least a few days before you get results and will cost much more.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

GemmaCert improves every few weeks. This is in sharp contrast to conventional diagnostic solutions which are the same for as long as you use them. Over-the-air updates deliver better performance and new analytical capabilities to GemmaCert devices worldwide.

Water Activity Analysis

GemmaCert Essential and Pro models only. Feature not included with Lite

GemmaCert now analyses Water Activity (aw) to help predict if your product is safe and ready for secure storage and transport. The water activity describes the degree to which water is "bound", and its availability to participate in chemical/biochemical reactions and growth of microorganisms.

Water Activity is a widely used metric for food and pharmaceutical safety and is a better index for microbial growth than water content (moisture %)

Lower water activity, under 0.55, means product is too dry. Trichomes can become brittle, delicate, and less potent or destroyed which risks profitability. High water activity, above 0.65, means product is too wet, possibly causing contamination and mold. This can expose customers to unnecessary health risks and risking your brand.

Knowing water activity is critical for predicting growth of bacteria, yeasts, molds, oxidationn, and premature decarboxylation.

  • Available on GemmaCert devices via the latest over-the-air software update. Results will appear on the GC smartphone app along with potency
  • For accurate water activity analysis of dry flowers, a whole flower must be analysed, not ground material.
  • Grinding of flowers leads to water loss and results will not reflect the actual water activity level

Who is GemmaCert meant for?

The industry winners will be those who invest in in-house testing to ensure that products are compliant, consistent, safe, effective, and predictable.In-house testing should be a major component of your Standard Operating Procedures.

In-house testing builds customer confidence, brand loyalty, regulatory compliance, and tackling costly problems before they arise.

Breeders & Growers

  • Test samples before formal and binding testing.
  • Reduce non-regulatory reliance on laboratories.
  • Real-time results rather than wait days or weeks.
  • No sample destruction, $0.00 cost per sample
  • Test goods in storage to monitor potency loss.
    • Leave plants in the ground to maximize potency.
    • Leave hemp plants in the ground while staying legal.
  • Take the guesswork out of identifying optimal harvest time.
  • Generate professional Certificates of Analysis.


  • Test biomass to validate supplier spec and price.
  • Make sure you get what you paid for.
  • Reduce non-regulatory reliance on laboratories.
  • Quick results to support real-time decision-making.
  • Monitor extraction to optimize yield.
  • Avoid throw away during extraction.
  • Generate professional Certificates of Analysis.


  • Focus on treating your patients.
  • Concentrate on servicing your customers.
  • Quick verification of flower identity and potency.
  • Ensure correct dosing for safety and efficacy.
  • Build confidence medicinal product


  • Make sure supply matches supplier spec.
  • Make certain you pay suppliers the right price.
  • Double-check product labels are correct.
  • Show customers you invest in quality for their safety.
  • Stand out amongst the competition.

Technical Specification for GemmaCert

  • Purpose: Potency Analysis & Verification
  • Tested Products: Dry flower buds (with moisture content maximum of 15%), ground flower buds (trim) and raw extract.
  • Technology: NIR Spectroscopy, Image Analysis, Motion Mechanics, Data Science
  • Testing Time: Up to 5 minutes per sample
  • Sample Preperation: No
  • Sample Destruction: No
  • Calibration: Automatic
  • User Interface: Android smartphone
  • Components: Spectrometer, illumination, camera, motion device, control, and communications module
  • Performance:
    • Accuracy:
      • Within +/-10% of actual result (for example, if actual potency is 8%, GemmaCert will display between 7.2% to 8.8%)
    • Detection Threshholds:
      • Minimum detection limit 0.2% for Essential/PRO - 1% for Lite
      • Maximum detection limit 30%, 20% for hemp
    • Repeatability:
      • Whole flowers up to 1.5%
      • Ground material up to 0.6%
  • Portability: Portable descktop unit
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Power Source: 6vdc by standard 110/220 ac2dc power supply
  • Storage temperature: -10C to +45C (14F - 113F)
  • Operating temperature: +10C to +35C (50F - 95F)
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 8.8" (224 mm)
    • Diameter top: 5.6" (144 mm)
    • Diameter bottom: 6.5" (166 mm)
  • Weight: 4.3 lbs (including power supply)
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty
GemmaCert Insides
  • Regulatory compliance: CE, TuV, RoHS, European Pharmacopoeia section 2.2.40., IEC/EN standards: 61010-1:2010,EN 61000-6-1:2007,EN 61000-6-3:2007 + A1:2011 ,ETSI EN 300 328 V2.1.1,UL/CSA 61010-1,FCC part 15B, ICES-003, EN 301489-1, EN 301489-17, EN 61326-1
  • Maintenance: Dispose of leftover flower from time to time.
Product Q&A

GemmaCert: Smart Potency & Composition Analysis Solution Questions & Answers

Q: How long does it take to run a sample?
A: GemmaCert self-calibrates for 30 seconds and then takes just 3-4 minutes to run each sample.

Q: Is GemmaCert easy to use?
A: GemmaCert is designed for optimal ease of use, with no special skills or knowledge required. Simply download the GemmaCert app, which connects to the GemmaCert device via Bluetooth. All you need to do is tap a few buttons, and the analysis results will be displayed on your phone within moments.

Q: How big of a sample do i need?
A: Your sample should be a flower no less than roughly 150-200 mg. As GemmaCert is non-destructive, you can analyze your fully intact bud with complete confidence. GemmaCert also offers the option to analyze ground flowers / trim and oil extracts (again, a 150-200 mg sample is required).

Q: What products does GemmaCert analyze
A: GemmaCert can measure a full intact bud, ground flowers / trim, and extract.

Q: Where od I view my GemmaCert results?
A: All GemmaCert readings are displayed on your smartphone, via the GemmaCert app. A desktop portal is also available, enabling you to view all your results as well as export them to Excel.

Q: How accurate is GemmaCert?
A: GemmaCert's accuracy is ±10%. This means that a flower with 5% can display a reading of between 4.5 and 5.5%.

Q: Is GemmaCert portable
A: Yes, GemmaCert is portable but always needs to be handled with care. Remember that this is a laboratory-standard device and can be very sensitive to vibrations.


GemmaCert: Smart Potency & Composition Analysis Solution Reviews

Game Changer
Game changer as they say for the Cannabis Industry.If you don't have one you are in the dark about your Thc and Cbd values. Easy clean and no harm to the sample excellent product and people I have showed it to and tested some product agree. Gemmacert certainly a industry leader

Great secondary check
When we order outside grown products for our dispensary, we now always check samples ourselves to make sure they are in line with what the specifications we see on the test results. more of a peace of mind that you are supplying your customers with exactly what you think you are. These are reliable, easy to use, and very accurate. I'm super happy with our investment!

Tech Specs