Fox Farm Happy Frog All Purpose Organic Fertilizer

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Fox Farm Happy Frog All Purpose Organic Fertilizer


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Happy Frog® All-Purpose Blend - Any Plant – Any Time!

Support healthy growth all season long with our Happy Frog® All-Purpose blend. It’s pH-balanced with premium organic ingredients like feather meal, fish meal, bat guano, and naturally occurring micronutrients formed when organic matter decomposes.

Happy Frog® All-Purpose Fertilizer is a ready-to-use, pH balanced blend of natural fertilizers. Some ingredients allow for instantly available nutrition, while others deliver slow-release nitrogen over time. Highly recommended for vegetable gardens, annual and perennial flower gardens, ornamental plantings, and all types of container gardening.

Garden Tip:Happy Frog All-Purpose is a great general fertilizer to help rejuvenate your garden. Use monthly throughout the growing season. For established plantings, scatter 1/2 cup for every 2 feet of plant height. Lightly scratch into the top inch of soil and water thoroughly.

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