FILTR Revolution Air Purifier

FILTR Revolution Air Purifier

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The FILTR Revolution Air Filtration System was engineered to combat all forms of air pollution, from mold spores and smoke particles to viruses and microbes. Using FDA regulations as a base, the Revolution provides superior protection and filtration in a mobile, affordable package.

FILTR’s Revolution was engineered based on how the cleanest FDA regulated environments in the world are designed and maintained for optimum product and people protection from airborne contaminants. The Revolution combines VOC reduction, HEPA filtration, and patented bipolar ionization technology to protect everyone and everything in the environment. Onboard sensors track particle count and VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) increases to detect outbreaks, while the multi-stage filter system provides Clean Room grade filtration down to .01 microns.

FILTR Revolution provides supplemental air filtration to remove airborne molds, dusts, and mollens from your garden areas, which is where plant pathogen problems often start. Utilizing the same H13 HEPA air filtration used in Food and Pharmaceutical manufacturing, FILTR delivers cleanroom-grade air to support your overall microbe control program. Portable or mountable, FILTR offers an additonal, Ozone-free bipolar ionizer, and app-controlled on/off, as well as monitoring and alerting to temperature, humidity, VOCs, and early airborne particle outbreaks.

FILTR High-Quality Air Purifier

A High-Quality Air Purifier for Effective Contamination Control Revolution - Medical Grade & Industrial Air Purifier

  • Commercial Grade Air Purification
  • Removes Bacteria, Viruses and Microbes
  • Carbon Filter
  • Removes Harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) from the air
  • Cleanroom Grade HEPA Filtration down to 0.01 micron
  • Duct Air In or Out to Positively or Negatively Pressurize a Room
  • Onboard Sensors provide Real Time Environmental Data Status for PM 2.5, VOC, Temperature and Humidity

HEPA Filtration Demonstration

Most Air Purifiers Don't Filter Nanoparticles Smaller than 0.3 micron

  • Cleanroom Grade HEPA filter
  • Total System Efficiency of 99.995%
  • Removal Efficiency of 99.78% down to 0.023 micron
  • Long-lasting filter
Commercial Activated Carbon Filter

Give your Sense of Smell A Break with Clean Air

  • Our Carbon Filter Removes odors and volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.)
Safer Way to Sanitize

A Safer Way to Sanitize Your Space

  • Our Bi-Polar Ionizer
  • Mitigates airborne and surface particles
  • Produces no ozone
  • Gathers lighter particles into clusters to make them heavier to make a second pass through the filter
  • Is the perfect addition to your room reset or Standard Operating Procedure (S.O.P.)

Control the Cleanliness of the Air by the Palm of your Hand

Monitor and Control Your Air in the Palm of your Hand

With the app you can:

  • Control fan speed.
  • Receive alerts for your Particle & VOC data
  • Review historical data.
  • View Temperature & Humidity data
  • And much more….

FILTR Revolution Air Purifer Included Products:

  • HEPA Filter
  • Activated Carbon Filter
  • Onboard Sensors (PM 2.5, VOC, Temperature, Humidity)
  • Pre-Filter
  • iPhone or Android Aoo downladable from the App store
  • 4x Caster Wheels
  • 6 Foot Power Cord

Optional: Wall Mount or Ceiling Mount Brackets, 10” Inlet Duct Adapter, and 10” Outlet Duct Adapter

FILTR Revolution Air Purifer Fan Specs:

FeaturesWith Carbon FilterWithout Carbon Filter
Low Speed165 CFM (204 m3/h)300 CFM (509 m3/h)
Medium Speed320 CFM (425 m3/h)500 CFM (849 m3/h)
High Speed500 CFM (850 m3/h)700 CFM (1889 m3/h)
Air Changes Per Hour2.5 (12,000 cubic feet at 500 CFM)3.5 (12,000 cubic feet at 700 CFM)

FILTR Revolution Air Purifer Technical Data

FiltrationPre Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, HEPA (98 sqft media), Bi-Polar Ionization
EN 1822 classification for HEPAHEPA Class H13
HEPA Efficiency99.77% Removal Efficiency at 0.023 at 490 CFM
Total System Efficiency99.995% (Cert Supplied with every unit)
Ozone EmissionsNone
Coverage Area12,000 cubic feet
Onboard SensorsParticle Mass (PM2.5), VOC, Temperature, Humidity
HousingReflective White Powder Coated Aluminum
ControlLocal Switch or Remote Via WiFi and Phone App
MountingFloor or optional wall or ceiling mounting available
Sound Power LevelsLow 51 dB, Medium 56 dB, High 60 dB
Fan Speeds3 Fan Speeds (Low, Medium, High)
Power Requirements100-120 volts 60 Hz/2.0 amps or 220-240 volts 50/60 Hz/1.1 amps
Dimensions and WeightHeight 30.5”, width 15.3” - 39 lbs.
Operating Temperature/Humidity50°F to 104°F (10°C to 40°C), 20% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Warranty1 Year
Tech Specs


Weight (lb.)50
Length (in.)15.3
Width (in.)15.3
Height (in.)30.5
WarrantyOne Year on Factory Defects
Prop 65No
UL ListedNo
CFM Rating500 with Carbon filter 700 CFM without Carbon Filter
Primary FilterActivated Carbon Filter
Secondary FilterHEPA Class H13
Ionic Oxidation GeneratorsBi-Polar Ionization
Power Cord(s) Included120 Volt
Power Cord Length6 ft.
Voltage120 Volt
Frequency60 Hz
Product Q&A

FILTR Revolution Air Purifier Questions & Answers

Q: How many square feet does one unit cover?
A: FILTR Revolution is designed to cover 12,000 cubic feet of air without the carbon filter with 2.5 air changes per hour at 500 CFM. In terms of how many square feet does it cover, these numbers are listed below:

  • 1,200 sqft room with 10-foot ceilings
  • 1,000 sqft room with 12-foot ceilings
  • 857 sqft room with 14-foot ceilings
  • 750 sqft room with 16-foot ceilings
  • 600 sqft room with 20-foot ceilings

Q: Can this be integrated into our HVAC system?
A: Yes, Filtr Revolution can be integrated into an existing HVAC. This would be done by creating a bypass to the HVAC system and ducting air from that system directly into and or out of FILTR Revolution. This ducting connection is made via the optional 10” duct adapter kit.

Q: What is the warranty?
A: Warranty is 2 years from date of purchase on the Revolution

Q: What is the MERV rating system?
A: MERV means Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value which was developed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioner Engineers - ASHRAE. MERV values vary from 1 to 16. The higher the MERV value is the value the more efficient the filter will be in trapping airborne particles.

Q: What is a HEPA filter?
A: A HEPA filter is a proprietary designed filter created to remove particulate contamination ranging in size from 0.023 micron and larger. References:

  • A MERV 8 rated filter is most commonly used in home HVAC systems.
  • Your eye can see down to 35 microns (0.0013 inches) under normal light conditions
  • Viruses are 0.08 to 0.12 micron (such as ebola, flu, and the coronavirus)
  • Powdery Mildew spores’ range in size from 1 to 10 micron
  • Botrytis spores’ range in size from 2.5 to 3 micron

Q: How does moisture effect the HEPA and Carbon filters?
A: Higher humidity levels (above 50%) will have effect carbon filtration. The higher the humidity the less adsorption the carbon filter will be. Humidity will not affect the HEPA filter's performance in terms of particle capture.

Q: What is the expected life of the filters?
A: The expected life of any of the filters is dependent on the level of chemical or particulate in the air and the speed at which the unit is run at. Below are general guidelines for filter replacement. Your specific application may be different.

  • Pre-Filter: 6 months (Washable)
  • Carbon Filter: 12 months
  • HEPA Filter: 24-60 months

Q: Does this system create ozone?
A: No.
There is no ozone generated by Filtr Revolution. Our air purifier is approved by California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B.).

Q: What are the Mounting options?
A: There are 3 mounting options for FILTR Revolution.

  1. FILTR Revolution comes standard with wheels and can be placed on any flat surface
  2. Optional ceiling mount brackets are available to allow FILTR Revolution to be hung from the ceiling.
  3. Optional wall mount brackets are available to allow FILTR Revolution to be mounted vertically to a wall or column.

Q: Can I Positively Pressurize a Room with a FILTR Revolution Unit?
A: FILTR Revolution have been designed to allow for ducting air into and or out of the unit. By pulling air from an adjacent room and pushing that air into the room you want to pressurize you will positively pressurize the space the air is going into. The pressure level will vary depending on how well the room you want to pressurize is sealed.