Current Culture Aeration Kit for Classic Under Current Double Barrel Systems

Current Culture Aeration Kit for Classic Under Current Double Barrel Systems


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Current Culture Brand Product
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NOTE: This Current Culture part is designed to be used with Classic Under Current systems, not the new 2019 Multimod systems. Please contact us for any questions about compatibility or fitment with your system before ordering.

The UC Aeration Kit was completely re-designed to standardize aeration rates and provide maximum air flow to plants. This advanced aeration technique allows growers to measure and adjust air output for ideal Dissolved Oxygen levels.

Our improved approach utilizes the new CCH2O Air Flow Regulator(AFR) along with a centralized Air Pump Bank to deliver consistent air output to our re-designed High-Flow Aeration Manifold.

The CCH2O Air Flow Regulator includes a pressure gauge and beneficial relief valve to decrease back pressure on air pumps, helping them work longer and more efficiently. The centralized Air Pump Bank connects all air pumps into a high-flow manifold that can easily be removed from the grow space. The improved High-Flow Aeration Manifold incorporates pre-cut and barbed large diameter tubing with laser drilled holes making installation clean and consistent. No more uneven spaghetti lines crossing paths.

The UC Aeration Kit comes standard with all 2019 Under Current systems and is a compatible upgrade for all previous Under Current models.

The UC Aeration Kit Includes:

  • CCH2O Air Flow Regulator
  • 1” Air Supply Assembly for each Air Pump to create the Air Pump Bank
  • 1” Air Supply Hose to connect the Air Pump Bank to the system’s Aeration Manifold
  • 3/4” pre-cut, barbed and laser-drilled Aeration Manifold Joints and connecting Blunts
  • 1/4” pre-cut, barbed Aeration Leads
  • Grommets for Side Entry
  • Medium Round Air Stones

* Air pump(s) and epicenter disc are not included.

The Current Culture Under Current Aeration Kits are just an aeration upgrade for older Under Current models.

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