Covert 8' X 8' Deluxe Harvest Drying Package with Odor Control and Extraction Kit

Covert 8' X 8' Deluxe Harvest Drying Package with Odor Control and Extraction Kit


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This harvest kit includes all the components you will need to harvest your plants, trim, cure, store and extract.

Drying your harvest in a sealed area such as the tent included in this harvest kit ensures your flowers will stay clean and free of any contaminants such as pet hair, dust, dirt or anything else. Finish off your growing season right this year with the High Rise 8' X 8' Deluxe Harvest Drying Package with Odor Control and Extraction Kit.

We have included an 8x8 drying tent, drying racks, ventilation kit with odor control, thermometer/hygrometer for checking temps and humidity, a trimming tray, with cleaner, trimming scissors, storage jars and a set of extraction bags for processing your leftover trim.

Included Products
  • High Rise 8' x 8' Grow Tent
  • (4x) 3' Adjustable Drying Rack
  • 4" Inline Exhaust Fan
  • 4" Carbon Exhaust Filter
  • (4x) 6" Clip-On Air Circulation Fan
  • Variable Fan Speed Controller
  • Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer
  • 4" Flexible Air Ducting with Clamps, 25 ft
  • Harvest More TrimBin Set
  • Straight Trimming Shears, 3 inch
  • Roots Organics Sap Off Soap (SOS), 4oz
  • (24x) Jars Wide Mouth, Half Gallon
  • 5 Gallon, 5 Bag Extraction Set

Product Details:

Grow Tent

High Rise 8' x 8' Grow Tent - these tents are the solution to growing on a budget without compromising on quality. The 600D thread count mylar fabric makes these tents extremely strong and with the 95% reflective interior and light proof zippers means there will be no lost light. The sturdy metal frame has 3/4" poles are powder coated for added durability and are easy to assemble with "bulletproof" corner connectors.

The design of these grow tents was thought out carefully with the placement of the electrical cord ports and airtight ducting ports for air-cooled reflectors as well as a ventilation system. This tent has a large front door with a velcro strap to hold back the door while you are working. The mesh vents located on each side of the tent allow for airflow without letting any foreign pests or particles into the environment. The easy view window located on the front makes checking on your plants easy without having to open up the tent. All windows and vents in this tent have an air-tight velcro lining so no air or light can pass through.

High Rise 3' Adjustable Drying Rack

Hang your drying racks from the ceiling of your grow tent or grow room and turn on your ventilation system to generate air movement to create the perfect drying environment for quick and even drying. Breathable Mesh material allows for great air circulation preventing the possibility of rot or mold forming on your herbs or plant material. 360 degree design makes it possible to access your harvest from all angles. High Rise Drying Racks feature three detachable shelves that give you control of the amount of space you have. Learn more here.

  • 6 individual drying chambers
  • Three detachable shelves allow you to have as little or as much space as you need
  • Easily collapsible design allows for quick and efficient storage

Covert Carbon Filter 4" Complete Ventilation and Odor Control Package

The Covert 4" Ventilation and Odor Control Package works great in a drying tent, making sure that you are removing any excess humidity which will improve the drying process enormously. This kit includes a fan speed controller to turn up or dial down their movement. We also included a carbon filter in the deluxe packages to remove odors created during the drying time.

Extraction & Storage Kit

In this premium harvest package we have not only included the necessary components to dry your harvest, but we took it a step further and added in a high quality trimming tray, 5 bag Xtraction Bag set, trimming scissors with scissor cleaner and jars to store your finished product.

Tech Specs


Weight (lb.)139.14
Prop 65No
Height (in.)84.5
Width (in.)96
Length (in.)96
Warranty1 Year
UL ListedNo

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