Small Scale Trimming Machines

Hobby growers with just a few plants will generally be better off trimming by hand. As your grow expands, however, and your trimming begins to take multiple days, it may make sense for you to invest in a small scale trimming machine.

A small scale trimming machine from CenturionPro is a great way for hobby growers to increase efficiency and profits as your operation grows. At a certain point, it will become unprofitable and unfeasible to harvest all your plants by hand.

CenturionPro Tabletop with Quantanium Tumbler

This table top trimming machine by CenturionPro is one of the best portable trimming machines available. Weighing in at just 35 pounds, it can easily be transported by one person.

The CenturionPro Tabletop can trim 7lbs/hour dry, and 35lbs/hour wet. The non-stick Quantanium tumbler prevents trichomes from falling off your buds, preserving the potency of your flower as much as possible.

This system seperates trim and kief, making extraction later on easy.

If you are looking for something slightly more powerful, don't worry. We have you covered.

CenturionPro Mini with Quantanium Tumbler

The CenturionPro Mini is a little bigger than the Tabletop, and could even be considered a medium scale trimmer. Capable of trimming 16lbs/hour dry and 80lbs/hour wet, this unit can replace 15-20 human trimmers!

You can see 40% greater trichome preservation, as all CenturionPro trimming machines feature the non-stick Quantanium coated tumbler.

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If you want to learn more about the best trimming machines available, take a look at our review of the best harvest trimming machines of 2018-2019


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