CenturionPro Solutions provides the horticulture industry with some of the most design friendly and quality harvest trimming machines on the market. They have honed in their manufacturing process to create the highest quality tumbler style trimming machines available, earning their products a spot on our Review of the Best Harvest Trimming Machines of 2018 and 2019.

Why should you choose a CenturionPro Trimming Machine?

CenturionPro is one of the industry leaders for bud trimming machines. They offer a 10 year warranty on their products, and this speaks to the durability and quality of their machines. Here are some additional reasons to purchase a trimming machine from CenturionPro:

  • Trimming machines save money and add convenience- Investing in a high quality trimming will save you money in the long term. You will be able to cut down on production time, and won't need to hire a trimming crew.
  • Trimming machines maintain security- Each member added to a trimming crew increases the risk of compromising your operation. Discretion is important in this industry, and trimming machines won't tell their friends what they spent the whole week trimming!
  • Quality of product is consistent and marketable- Trimming by hand can lead to variance in quality of product, especially in multi-person trimming crews. Machine trimmed flower is uniform, and marketable as such.
  • Continuous improvement and scalability- As your operation grows, you can add onto your current trimming machine easily, or purchase another instead of hiring more crew members.
  • No motivation required- Managing people, especially for manual labor, can be frustrating. A trimming machine is ready to work from the second you turn it on, and won't need a lunch break either!

What makes CenturionPro trimmers different from competitors?

CenturionPro trimmers are made with only the best quality parts and hardened steel blades. This will guarantee speed and precision while trimming, and provides you with less waste so you can maximize your rewards.

Here at Hydrobuilder, we offer a variety of CenturionPro trimmers, ranging from:

While CenturionPro is a great option for anyone looking for a trimming machine, there are other options you should consider. Twister Trimmer is also leading the industry in harvest trimmers. You can shop all our trimming machines here.


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