Bluelab Connect Stick

Bluelab Connect Stick

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Get connected – data log and view nutrient measurements from your crop wirelessly.

The Bluelab Connect Stick receives wireless data from Bluelab Connect Monitors or Controllers, logging the data to the cloud. One Connect Stick will receive data from multiple Bluelab Connect Devices.

Simply place the Connect Stick into a USB port on your computer, download and install the FREE Connect Software to begin monitoring crop performance wirelessly. View readings from your PC or mobile device so you know if your crop requires attention.

Add other Bluelab Connect Devices to your Connect Software at the click of a button.


  • Data logging capability (when used with Bluelab Connect Products, sold separately)
  • Free Bluelab Connect Software available online
  • View data and current status remotely via Google Docs (A computer with permanent internet access is required)
  • 2 year limited guarantee for Bluelab Connect Stick

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP or greater for Bluelab Connect Software.
  • Internet connection for remote access & data-logging to the cloud.
Tech Specs


Weight (lb.)0.06
Height (in.)3.7
Prop 65No
Lead TimeThis product ships in 3-5 Business Days
Length (in.)2.1
Width (in.)1.9
UL ListedNo
Product Q&A

Bluelab Connect Stick Questions & Answers

Does my computer need to be on all the time?

Yes, because the software can't communicate with devices unless it is running so can it log the data. You need to disable sleep, and also disable automatic Microsoft updates. Refer to your Connect Stick getting started guide for instructions.

How far apart can my connect stick and connect device be?

The line-of-sight distance between a connect stick and the connect device (ie Guardian Monitor Connect or Connect Range Extender) should be:

  • Indoor up to 66ft or 20 M
  • Outdoor up to 164 ft or 50 M
Bluelab recommend positioning your Connect Range Extender and the Guardian Monitor Connect as high off the ground as possible, 6ft / 1.8M is the optimum height.

What happens if my internet drops out?

If there is no internet connection to the logging computer or connection is lost, logging to Google Drive will not work. Any data received while the connection is down will be lost unless it is also logged to file locally (on the computer). Once connection is restored, data logging will resume automatically.

Why does my signal strength take a while to update if I move a device?

The software only checks the signal strength at each device at 1 minute intervals, so any changes will not be detected until the next time a check is run.