Aptus Massboost

Aptus Massboost


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Calcium/Magnesium and Bud Booster

About Massboost

MassBoost is an organo-mineral plant booster that prevents Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg) deficiencies while stimulating powerful fruit set and development.

Calcium and magnesium are easily locked up or combined with other minerals in the growing medium forming what we call “junk salts”. This active behavior can be a problem when trying to dial in supplementation of calcium and magnesium for your plants. Aptus takes a unique approach in that our calcium and magnesium are chelated with natural amino acids much like Peakboost and Finaleboost. This makes the normally very open minerals be more or less directly available for assimilation into the plant.

Whereas most other calcium and magnesium products are classic mineral salt formulations, Massboost functions as a pure source for the plants’ optimum and continued health. Since there is next to no interaction with outside products, you can use Massboost for just 3 weeks in the bloom phase: weeks 3, 5, 7, and an optional fourth week in week 8.

Why use Massboost?

  • Provides organic Nitrogen from L-amino acids that stimulate plant development
  • High bioavailability, 100% water soluble and leaves no residue
  • Combines Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg) with L-amino acids to eliminate or correct deficiencies
  • Improves structure and firmness of the flower and fruit
  • Provides the extra boost plants need during certain plant development phases and other important natural bio-stimulants

Directions for use:

  • Use during weeks 3, 5, and 7 during flowering increasing from 5-10 ml per 5 gallons
  • Use during the vegetative phase if needed at the rate of 2.5-5 ml per 5 gallons as needed

Directions for use:

  • Use MassBoost with PeakBoost & FinaleBoost in the last weeks for yield, firmness, and quality.
  • Pay attention when mixing PeakBoost and MassBoost as they can react with each other. Always add one, dilute and mix, then add the other. If using multiple phosphorous based products, take care when adding MassBoost as phosphorous and calcium, when combined in high concentrations, may cause deposits and residues.
  • MassBoost contains low levels of nitrates that, when applied at a high dosage to young or weak plants, can cause tip burn. If using MassBoost during early growth start with a lower dosage and gradually work up to full dosage based on the plants' response.
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