Agrowtek GrowControl SXE Indoor Environment Sensor

Agrowtek GrowControl SXE Indoor Environment Sensor


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SXE Specs

SXE Instructions

This Powerful, Autonomous Set-Point Environmental Monitor & Logger Offers Climate Readings In A Simple, Economincal, & Reliable Package

GrowControl SXE Environmental Monitor, Logger & Controller is a precision digital indoor climate sensor with 3-button LCD display featuring temperature, relative humidity, ambient light and optionally CO2 ppm sensors.

A built-in aspirator fan provides a continous flow of air over the sensors for the most accurate readings and fastest response to changing conditions. An air filter is included which is removable and washable.

SXE environment sensor’s built-in color display provides an easy to use interface for monitoring the sensor readings and configuring the control settings. Internal data logging memory provides a 120 point graphical history on the screen and the entire 21,600 data point history can be downloaded using the LX1 USB AgrowLINK and free computer software.

Control equipment based on temperature, humidity or CO2 (optional) values as well as 24-hour and repeat cycle timers when adding one of Agrowtek's relays. Set points have day/night values which are selected based on the reading of the light sensor located on the top of the SXE unit, which detects day or night from ambient light levels.

SXE to LX1

If you're looking to use an onsite PC, Agrowtek also offers an easy solution for configuration, firmware updates and data logging, and more using the Agrowtek LX1 AgrowLink. When using the LX1, you can connect the MCX to the HX8 8-port hub, which allows the control of multiple sensors and relays directly. Learn more here.

To make sure you set your system up how you truly like and not just how you can get it, Agrowtek systems use standard MODBUS protocalls and can be controlled by MODBUS devises using Agrowtek's LX2 ModLink. Check that out here!

Each system includes:

  • SXE Controller/Logger
  • 24Vdc 12W Power Supply
  • OPTIONAL: CO2 Sensor Available (0-10,000 ppm)

Up Close With The SXE Controller

The main screen displays the real-time sensor readings from the attached sensors. Each button is labeled at the bottom of the display to describe it’s function on the current screen or menu

SXE Description

Three buttons are located beneath the screen. Each button is labeled at the bottom of the display to describe it’s function in the current screen or menu.

Full color display screen features large, bright green sensor readings for easy visibility, plus a range of functions that can be performed directly from the menus including:

  • High/low history
  • Graphical history
  • Alarm set points
  • Sensor calibration
  • Data logging options

Sensor Specifications

Specification Measurement
Power 24Vdc, ~5W
Max Cable Distance 1000ft
Aspirator 6cfm Fan with Foam Filter
Temperature Range -20 - 60°C
Temperature Accuracy ±0.2°C typical | ±0.4°C maximum
Humidity Range 0-100% RH (non condensing)
Humidity Accuracy ±2% 0-80% typical - ±4% maximum
Light Irradiance Range 0 - 1000W/m2
Light Accuracy ±10%
CO2 Range 0-10,000ppm
CO2 Accuracy ±50ppm + 3% of reading
4-20mA DAC Resolution 12 bit, 0.005mA
Interface GrowNET, MODBUS
Tech Specs