Agrowtek GrowControl SXC Indoor Climate Sensor & Logger

Agrowtek GrowControl SXC Indoor Climate Sensor & Logger


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SXC Specs

SXC Instructions

Monitor & Log Indoor Atmospheric Conditions To Help Ensure The Perfect Growing Environment

GrowControl SXC Climate Sensor & Data Logger is a precision digital indoor sensor designed for hanging in growing environments featuring temperature, relative humidity, ambient light sensors and an optional CO2 ppm sensor rated for 0-2000ppm. The SXC sensor can be hung up with the included hanging bracket above your canopy, or you can take advantage of the wall mounting slots cut out on the SXC unit, giving you total control on how you monitor your set up.

Internal memory logs 21,600 data points for months or years of storage, helping you stay on top of changes and patterns that may affect your operation. Fan aspirated for continuous accuracy with removable air filter to ensure the upmost accuracy.

For users with an onsite PC, Agrowtek offers the LX1 AgrowLINK, which allows it's user to utilize their free PC software for datalog download, graphing, calibration, configuration, firmware updates, etc. Learn more here!

If you're operation is set up to use MODBUS protocols, Agrowtek offers the LX2 ModLINK which connects GrowNET™ devices to RS-422/485 for MODBUS RTU protocol communication. Learn more here!

Finally, if you have a bigger operation on your hands, or just don't have an onsite PC, Agrowtek offers the ultimate in cultivation control with the GCX or GCX-Plus Cultivation Master Controller. The GCX can connect, control, and monitor up to 100 devices, and the GCX-Plus allows you to monitor up to 200 devices, both in real time with extreme accuracy! GrowControl systems are loaded with intelligent control functions optimized for today’s complex growing environments. Learn more here.


  • GrowNet Digital Communication Port
  • Durable power-coated steel enclosure
  • Real Time Clock
  • Fan Aspirated With Air Filter For High Accuracy
  • Made in USA
  • 1-Year Warranty

SXW Specifications

Specification Measurement
Power 24Vdc, ~5W
Max Cable Distance 1000ft
Aspirator 6cfm Fan with Foam Filter
Temperature Range -20 - 60°C
Temperature Accuracy ±0.2°C typical | ±0.4°C maximum
Humidity Range 0-100% RH (non condensing)
Humidity Accuracy ±2% 0-80% typical | ±4% maximum
Light Irradiance Range 0 - 1000W/m2
Light Accuracy ±10%
4-20mA DAC Resolution 12 bit, 0.005mA
Interface GrowNET, MODBUS
Tech Specs