Agrowtek GrowControl GXH Hydroponic Nutrient Monitor & Logger Kit

Agrowtek GrowControl GXH Hydroponic Nutrient Monitor & Logger Kit


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Agrowtek Product Documents

GHX Specs

This Automatic Hydroponic Sensor & Logger Sets Itself Apart With It's Large Display Screen, 14-Recipe Memory, Up To Five Sensors, Data Logging & Multiple Communication Ports.

GrowControl™ GXH is a precision digital sensor transmitter, data logger, monitor and controller featuring temperature, pH, and conductivity sensors for water. Also available with oxidation reduction potential and dissolved oxygen sensor inputs

Standard large 3.5” color LCD display and 3-button interface makes this unit capable of operating stand-alone for sensor monitoring, alarms, graphing, on-site calibration, and more. Digital electronics with isolated inputs accurately read and record sensor data. The Internal memory logs 20,000+ data points per sensor for months or years of storage.

Combine the GXH controller and an AgrowDose ADi pump to form a powerful and economical automatic GDX dosing system. Operate up to a 6-part dosing pump and store up to 14 recipes for easy change-over. Learn More here!

Included With The GXH:

  • GrowControl GXH Controller
  • pH, EC, and temperature sensors
  • OPTIONAL: ORP & DO Sensors

The GXH can be paired with the GrowControl GCX Cultivation Control System for ultimate control of your growing operation. When paired with the GrowControl GCX Controller, you not only gain the ability to control all aspects of your facility's climate and hydroponics systems, you gain the option to run your GXH system from the comfort of your home with remote access capabilities. Potential problems and issues are sent to you at an instant via text or email too, so you never have to worry!

LX1 GDX Connection

Agrowtek also offers an easy solution for firmware updates and data logging, using the Agrowtek LX1 AgrowLink. When using the LX1, you can hook your GXH system up to your pc for even more control. Learn more here.

To make sure you set your system up how you truly like and not just how you can get it, Agrowtek systems use standard MODBUS protocols and can be controlled by MODBUS devises using Agrowtek's LX2 ModLink. Learn more here.

The GrowControl GXH Controller

  • Large 3-button/LCD display interface allows easy monitoring of sensor values.
    • High / Low History
    • Graphing
    • Main Menu
  • Alarm set points with Buzzer
  • Manual pump priming
  • Back-light shut-off timer
  • Simple menu driven setup for configuring pump recipes, system settings, sensor calibration and more.
  • The main screen displays the real-time sensor readings from the attached sensors.
GDX Controller

Agrowtek Sensors & Probes

Temperature Probe

  • -20 to 60°C
  • 3 ft
  • Tinned Lead Connection
  • Included with MDX System

Stainless steel probe, 1/4" diameter x 3" with 3ft lead. Made in USA

Temperature Probe

pH Probe

  • 0-14 pH
  • 3 ft
  • BNC Connection
  • Included with GXH System

High quality pH sensor probe for GXH transmitters. Made in USA.

pH Sensor

Conductivity (EC) Probe

  • 0- 5000 uS
  • 3 ft
  • BNC Connection
  • Included with GXH System

High quality electrical conductivity sensor probe for GXH transmitters. Made in USA.

EC Sensor

Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) Probe

  • -1000 to +1000 mV
  • 3 ft
  • BNC Connection
  • Optional Upgrade for GXH System

High quality ORP (Redox) sensor probe for GXH transmitters. Made in USA

ORP Probe

Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Probe

  • 0 - 20 mg/L
  • 3 ft
  • BNC Connection
  • Optional Upgrade for GXH System

High quality galvanic DO sensor probe for GXH transmitters. Made in USA.

DO Sensor

Sensor Set Up & Useage

Connecting Your Sensor Probes To The SXHM Controller

pH, EC, ORP & DO sensors are equipped with “BNC” style connectors; push on and then turn to lock in place.

Temperature probes have a screw terminal block. Make the connections according to the label on the transmitter. The terminal block may be removed for easier wire installation or for service.

GDX to Probes

Sensors Require Continuous Contact

SXH systems require the sensors to be continuously in contact with the water in order to properly manage the dosing pumps. Probe can be located in the reservoir tank, or may be installed inline with a continuously recirculating water flow.

pH & ORP probes must remain wet to avoid damage. Do not allow probe tips to dry!

** Manifold shown sold separately. **

Needs Constant Contact

Sensor Specifications

Specification Measurement
Power 12-24Vdc, 5w
Max Cable Distance 1000ft
Optional Interface LCD w/3 Buttons
Temperature Range -20 - 60°C
Temperature Accuracy ±2°C, 0.01° resolution
pH Range 0-14pH
pH Accuracy ±0.02pH, 0.01pH resolution
Conductivity Range 0 - 5000 uS (0-2500ppm)
Conductivity Accuracy ±20uS, 2uS resolution
ORP (DO) Range -1000 - +1000mV (0-20mg/L)
ORP (DO) Accuracy ±10mV, 1mV resolution
4-20mA Output Resolution 12 bit , 0.005mA
Tech Specs