Botanicare Hydroplex Bloom Enhancer

Botanicare Hydroplex Bloom Enhancer


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Hydroplex is a premium, plant nutrient supplement formulated to push your crops to their harvest limits. Hydroplex Bloom Maximizer works with your existing nutrient formula to create big, brilliant, blooms.

The flowering stage creates a very demanding environment for plants. Plants need more than just the P's and K's to reach their ultimate potential. That's why Hydroplex Bloom Maximizer contains a broad range of amino acids, additional trace minerals, and select, beneficial vitamins. Most standard PK boosters are structured, simply, to create larger fruits and flowers. Hydroplex Bloom Maximizer surpasses that standard by increasing plants resistance to external stresses while amplifying enzyme, chlorophyll, essential oil, and sugar production.

  • Rapid Bloom Initiation and growth.
  • Promotes essential oil, natural sugar, chlorophyll and protein production.
  • Increases fruit density and quality.
  • Amplifies flower size.
  • Increases flower and fruit sets.
  • Promotes natural development of enzymes and vitamins.
  • Boosts resistance to external stresses.
  • Low dilution rates (only 2-5 ml/gallon).
  • Safe to use with any nutrient line.

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Product Q&A

Botanicare Hydroplex Bloom Enhancer Questions & Answers

Q: Will Hydroplex raise my PPM/TDS/EC?

A:Each 1 ml of Hydroplex will increase your nutrient strength by 50 - 60 PPM (.7 scale).

Q: How Does Hydroplex compare to a powdered 0-50-30 flower booster?

A: For all intents and purposes, they are the same except Hydroplex surpasses the standard of the traditional 0-50-30 and contains inputs not found in powdered flower boosters. Hydroplex actually contains the exact same ratio of P to K as a 0-50-30 (1.6 to 1). The main difference, and why the NPK’s seem so different is because of concentration. In a highly concentrated liquid form, a dry 0-50-30 becomes a 0-10-6 like Hydroplex, and although the concentration of PK is slightly lower, this enables us to fortify Hydroplex with organic plant extracts, amino acids, and other compounds that enhance not only size, but quality. It’s not only what’s applied, it’s what absorbed!

Q: Will Hydroplex replace my existing PK Booster?

A: It is best to never use more than one PK Booster, or flower enhancer at the same time. Although there may be exceptions to this in some cases, we recommend consulting with the manufacturer before doing so. Hydroplex contains the high levels of Phosphorus and Potassium needed to produce bigger and denser flowers, and is also formulated with a wide range of natural ingredients that increase flavors, aromas, and quality. Supplementing with additional flower boosters is not necessary when using Hydroplex.

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