Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect

Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect

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The Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect allows you to stay connected and retain important data without setting foot in the grow room. As a commercial grower, it's important for you to monitor, data log, and remotely view pH, conductivity and temperature readings.

Monitor & Log Data Remotely With The Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect

As a grower, one of the most important roles you have is monitoring the conditions in your nutrient reservoir. You need accurate, reliable access to pH, EC (electrical conductivity), and temperature. If you don't have these dialed in, your plants will never achieve their potential, and some nasty issues could arise.

This doesn't mean you need to constantly check on your grow room. With the Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect, you can constantly check up on these important factors. But this device goes even further, logging all this data into your computer for you so you have access to it whenever you need it, and from wherever you have an internet connection. All the data is stored in the cloud, so you never have to worry about your grow room while you're out of it again.

Connect Stick 2 & Range Extender 2

All you need to work with this Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect is a single Bluelab Connect Stick 2 . Then, download the FREE Bluelab Connect Software to use with the Connect Stick 2. You can even boost the range between your Bluelab connect products with the Bluelab Connect Range Extender 2.

Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect Features

  • Data logging capability (ONE Bluelab Connect Stick is required, sold separately)
  • View data and current status remotely via Connect Mobile App (A computer with permanent internet access is required)
  • Plant safe green LEDs
  • Large easy to read display
  • No calibration required for conductivity and temperature
  • Simple push button pH calibration
  • Selectable values for conductivity and temperature
  • Flashing high and low alarms
  • Greater tolerance to RF /electronic interference provided
  • Water resistant design
  • International power supply included
  • Replaceable double junction pH probe included
  • Adjustable display brightness
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Compatible with Bluelab Connect Stick and Bluelab Connect Range Extender

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Weight (lb.)1.7
Height (in.)8.7
Prop 65No
Lead TimeThis product ships in 3-5 Business Days
Length (in.)3.7
Width (in.)5.4
UL ListedNo
Product Q&A

Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect Questions & Answers

How far apart can my connect stick and connect device be?

The line-of-sight distance between a connect stick and the connect device (ie Guardian Monitor Connect or Connect Range Extender) should be:

  • Indoor up to 66ft or 20 M
  • Outdoor up to 164 ft or 50 M

Bluelab recommend positioning your Connect Range Extender and the Guardian Monitor Connect as high off the ground as possible, 6ft / 1.8M is the optimum height.

Why does moving my device further away from the Connect Stick make its signal strength improve?

Radio frequency transmissions are prone to fading and interference, which can cause peaks and troughs in signal strength. You may find that moving a device even a short distance has a large effect on signal strength.

Why does my signal strength change when the devices are in a fixed location?

Radio frequency transmissions are very sensitive to the environment so many factors can affect how strong the signal is. This includes wind, rain, moving objects and interference from electrical devices such as microwaves or motors and pumps.


Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect Reviews

Great product!
I grow aquaponically and have always taken a more zen approach to water testing, but I also train youth as part of my work and wanted to upgrade to a better and more consistent monitoring system. The Bluelab guardian works great and was easy to understand and use. The only change I made was to suspend the PH probe through a piece of foam instead of using the suction cup, allowing it to go up and down so the probe would not get dry if I had a sudden water drop in my system which sometimes happens. I like that it blinks to let me know I need to re-calibrate as I would never keep track of that detail.

by far the most reliable on the market. I have gone through many and this one is the top of the line. more consistent that the rest

Fantastic meter
I have been growing hydroponically for years. This is the meter you want if you are looking for accurate readings and ease of use. No need to look at anything else!