Bluelab 2.77 EC Conductivity Solution

Bluelab 2.77 EC Conductivity Solution


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Bluelab Brand Product
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Is your conductivity instrument adequately cleaned and giving accurate results? Test and see...

Most of Bluelab’s EC/ppm equipment does not need calibrating as they are all factory calibrated here at Bluelab (except Bluelab EC and ppm Pens). The 2.77 EC solution is used as a reference or checking solution to ensure you have adequately cleaned the EC/CF probe.

To ensure solutions remain accurate:

  • Avoid cross-contamination
  • Decanter into a smaller plastic cup
  • Discard sample after use
  • Store in a cool dark place
  • Store with lid secured tightly
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Bluelab solutions are manufactured specifically for Bluelab products are NIST certified and are made to a traceable standard to ensure your Bluelab products last longer and maintain accuracy.

    2.77 EC standard solution range:

    • 20ml single-use solution sachet, case of 25
    • 250ml bottle, case of 6
    • 500ml bottle, case of 6
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