Blauberg Inline Mixed Flow Fan is no longer available

Blauberg Inline Mixed Flow Fan is no longer available

$47.63 - $281.33

This product is no longer available, but we have so much more to show you!

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  • Compatible with 4" to 10"round air ducts
  • For ventilation systems requiring high pressure, powerful air flow and low noise level
  • Casing is made either of durable ABS plastic or polypropylene with low flammability, UV- and corrosion- resistant properties
  • Special casing design enables easy dismantling of impeller and motor block without air ducts detaching to facilitate fan servicing
  • Double-speed single-phase ball-bearing motor with thermal overload protection is controlled with integrated
  • 3-position (low speed/OFF/high speed) speed switch
  • Wall or ceiling mounting with a mounting plate
  • Ideal solution for mounting into limited spaces due to compact design
  • Supplied with factory prewired 120v/8' power cord, ready to plug in
  • 5 Year Warranty

Model CFM Specifications:

Blauberg Inline Mixed Flow Fan
4" Fan: 105 CFM
6" Fan: 250 CFM
8" Fan: 473 CFM
10" Fan: 880 CFM
Product Q&A

Blauberg Inline Mixed Flow Fan Questions & Answers

Q: What fans can I use a fan speed controller with?

A: Our fan speed controller (ACSC) will work with brushless motors, such as the ones commonly used with inline centrifugal fans. Do not use with blowers, booster fans, etc.


Blauberg Inline Mixed Flow Fan Reviews

Excellent fan
Does everything advertised. Easy to install and maintain. Replaced a not-too-old aluminum fan. No comparison. As my project expands will definitely be adding these.

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