Blauberg Axial Inline Fan Intake/Exhaust

Blauberg Axial Inline Fan Intake/Exhaust


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Blauberg Brand Product
$15.86 - $20.56

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4" Fan: 53 CFM

6" Fan: 155 CFM

  • Compatible with 4" and 6" air ducts
  • For continuous operation in exhaust ventilation systems with low air resistance
  • Durable ABS plastic casing and impeller with low-flammability, corrosion free and UV-resistant properties
  • Reliable and low-watt electric motor is designed for continuous operation and requires no maintenance
  • Motor is equipped with ball-bearing and thermal overload protection
  • Smooth speed control with external thyristor speed controller
  • Equipped with removable back valve to prevent reverse airflow
  • Wall or ceiling mounting
  • Suitable for operating temperature up to 130 F
  • Supplied with factory prewired 120V/1.7' power cord, ready to plug in
Product Q&A

Blauberg Axial Inline Fan Intake/Exhaust Questions & Answers

Q: What fans can I use a fan speed controller with?

A: Our fan speed controller (ACSC) will work with brushless motors, such as the ones commonly used with inline centrifugal fans. Do not use with blowers, booster fans, etc.

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