BioSafe TerraGrow (California Label)

BioSafe TerraGrow (California Label)


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BioSafe Brand Product
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BioSafe Product Documents

BioSafe TerraGrow MSDS

BioSafe TerraGrow Beneficial Soil Inoculantis a beneficial soil inoculant designed to improve soil characteristics and plant stress tolerance. TerraGrow is a specialty blend of beneficial microbial organisms including different strains of bacteria and fungi and microbial nutrients designed to improve soil and plant vigor by restoring root zone biological activity. Use with row crops, vegetables crops, ornamentals, herbs, turf and bedding plants. Quickly re-establishes beneficial bacteria/fungal populations in and around the root zone.

BioSafe TerraGrow Specs

  • Increases the availability and absorption of macro/micro nutrients
  • Stimulates root development/reduces transplant shock
  • Promotes systemic plant resistance to stress
  • Completely water soluble for easy irrigation applications
  • Guaranteed one-year shelf life
  • Use with TerraClean 5.0 for a complete organic soil treatment program
  • Quickly re-establishes beneficial bacteria/fungal populations in and around root zone
  • OMRI Listed
  • Made in the USA
  • Active Ingredient: Blend of Six Microbial Organisms
  • Rate: 1 to 4 oz per 100 Gallons
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