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Our Favorite New Products!

Less Heat and More Energy Efficient

Working with Philips, Sun System has developed a new line of Ceramic Metal Halide lighting that delivers amazing results at half the energy cost and half the heat output of traditional HID lighting. Also known as LEC lighting, we see these fixtures as just the beginning for this amazing new lighting technology.

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Trim Wet or Dry - The Choice is Yours!

Due to popular demand Twister has developed new DRY tumblers for their amazing T2 and T4 trimmers. Allowing growers to harvest dried product insanely fast, these new tumblers help expand the options during your harvest helping you save time, money and hassle over traditional hand trimming options.

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Fully Adjustable LED Spectrum

KIND LEDs new K5 Series offers fully adjustable spectrum control with the included remote control making it easy to customize the spectrum to your desire. We love how this gives advanced growers the ultimate control over their lighting allowing them to experiment with different settings to find the best results for their particular garden.

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Powerful LEDs in an All-New Package

The all new Black Dog Phytomax series utilizes powerful 5 Watt diodes and a proprietary Phyto-Genesis Spectrum™ that delivers amazing yields in a durable and energy-saving LED package. With years of proven success and refinement the Black Dog Phytomax Series sets the bar for powerhouse LEDs.

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Feature Packed Commercial-Grade Lighting

The Parsource Commercial DE systems pack in tons of great features like internal RF shielding, dimmable ballasts, bulb-status indicator lights and patented ignition control to provide the durable performance serious growers need. Independent test show that these are the most powerful commercial-style fixtures available today!

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The Industry Standard Now Better Than Ever!

Gavita Lighting is known around the world for its proven performance and reliability in commercial gardens. The new E-Series delivers even more when paired with the EL1 or EL2 controllers making it easier to control multiple fixtures, manage high-heat situations and even includes a built-in sunrise/sunset auto-dimming feature.

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Double the Output of Your Ballasts in a Snap!

Running on 12/12 hour schedule for your flowering room? Get your ballasts working full-time by including a Powerbox Flipbox! Rather than having the ballast sit idle for half the day you can "flip" them to another room and power two rooms with the same number of ballasts you have today. Saves time and money and delivers!

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Automate Your pH Adjustment - Goodbye Testing Kits!

When you're running a large hydroponic system maintaining pH consistently can be a chore. With the Autogrow Minidoser you can now fully automate the process and have your pH monitored AND adjusted constantly throughout the day. Add even more control with the powerful Autogrow Intellidoser and get your nutrients schedule automated too!

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Crystal Clear Water With Less Waste!

Highly efficient and easy to use the GX series from Growonix is extremely well built and provides durable performance in a range of useful sizes. Sturdy splash-proof housings and easy-to-read gauges make your choice in RO systems a synch. With the lowest waste-water ratios in the industruy it's easy to see why we love the GX Series from Growonix.

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Cold Water at Your Fingertips

Ecoplus is known for it's proven reliability and easy-to-use water chillers. Powerful Japanese compressors (up to 1 1/2 HP) and remote temperature control give you peace of mind that your temps stay where they need to be and your hydroponic system gets the cool water it needs to deliver optimal results.

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We are Proud of Our New Line of Grow Tents!

Ok naming ourselves best would seem weird if it wasn't for the amazing quality of our new grow tent line! Packed with useful features and easy to setup, these tents provide an affordable and reliable alternative in a crowded market. All-steel construction and thick, reflective canvas provide reliable durability for years of use.

Size Does Matter - Shorter Tents for Tight Spaces

For years Gorilla has been known for their high-quality tents with the special height-adjusting feature. Now they are offering a "shorty" line of tents to help those vertically challenged customers with smaller grow spaces. Same great tents, just shorter!

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Still the Best for Pros - Our Favorite Hydroponic Systems

Current Culture continues to produce the absolute best in deep water culture systems and their Pro line is where their years of development and refinement really shine. Huge 35 Gallon growth modules and a variety of system formations and lids give the professional grower tons of options to see explosive growth from their gardens.

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Propagate Like a Pro

Successful cloning takes care and practice, but it's all made easier with the Power Cloners from Botanicare. Take the guesswork out of propagation and ensure that your cuttings get all the moisture and protection they need in these easy-to-use systems.

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Root Health Optimized

Growing with hydroponics requires healthy and happy roots. UC Roots from Cultured Solutions is the product we recommend time and again for preventing problems in the root zone. When used correctly it can keep your plants looking their best, and helps to combat any potential issues. A great tool every hydro grower should have.

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Organic Pest Control That Works!

We when a product can be made safer and more eco-friendly than the alternatives. Azamax is just that, an OMRI certified organic pest control solution that's easy to use and packs a serious punch. Keep your plants free of mites, worms and more with one great product.

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A Customer Favorite For Good Reason

When it comes to soil growers one name comes up time and again, Fox Farm. Offering many products with unique characteristics, like the nutrient rich Ocean Forest Soil, Fox Farm has something for every type of grower out there and will deliver amazing results in a variety of climates and growing styles.

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Give Your Roots Something to Hold Onto To.

Providing ample aeration and a multi-faceted growth media, Growstones is the perfect material to fill your net pots with and provide a strong foundation for your hydroponic-grown plants. Made of recycled materials, it's an eco-friendly alternative as well!

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Have a favorite product that we didn't list? Tell us what it is and why you like it below!

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