AutoPot FlexiTank PRO

AutoPot FlexiTank PRO

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AutoPot FlexiTank PRO

The FlexiTank Pro’s reflective and light-tight skin beautifully disguises an extremely rugged, fully collapsible design within. Concealed reservoir supports and internal capacity markings add neat edges to the proven, ultra-strong, ultra-practical FlexiTank design.

  • Reflective and light tight
  • Ultra-strong
  • Anti-tip design
  • Internal capacity markings
  • Simple assembly in minutes
  • All fittings included
  • Attractive retail box packaging
CapacityDimensions (full)Dimensions (box)Weight
25 Gallon18" Diameter x 27.5" Height20.0"L x 20.0"W x 5.0"H8 lbs.
60 Gallon23" Diameter x 33.5" Height24.0"L x 24.0"W x 5.0"H13.3 lbs.
105 Gallon28.9" Diameter x 41.3" Height30.0"L x 30.0"W x 5.1"H17.9 lbs.

AutoPot FlexiTank PRO Reviews

Impossible to assemble.
Good luck with assembly. The poles fall apart, the bottom brackets are nothing but 1/4” deep holes. Then try stretching the liner enough to screw the nut on. The plastic nuts are hard to start and end up stripping out as soon as you let the pressure off. Buy it and you to can struggle for 2 hours and still have nothing to put your water in.

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