AutoGrow Systems IntelliClimate and the Works Kit

AutoGrow Systems IntelliClimate and the Works Kit

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Autogrow Systems Product Documents

Product Manual

Product Spec Sheet

Automatically Manages All Aspects Of Grow Room Climate Control From Temperature To CO2, Lighting To Humidity, All In One Simple Controller

The IntelliClimate is, without doubt, the most advanced and user-friendly grow room environment controller on the market. Designed specifically for the indoor grower, the IntelliClimate controls all aspects of your growing environment, offering a wide range of possible applications. No comparable controller on the market gives you this much accuracy, efficiency and commercial grade control!

View daily CO2 & light integration stats, as well as view measurements of all relevant grow room parameters such as air temperature, relative humidity, and outside temperature (with optional sensor.) The Intelliclimate system also utilizes "Autolearn" – empowering your system for self learning to automatically adjust CO2 cycle times to minimise waste. The IntelliClimate includes fail safe alarms on all the settings, as well as an intruder alarm to make sure you sleep soundly knowing your crops are safe.

This unit also includes pre-installed growth stage schedules if desired for a true plug and play set up!

IntelliClimate Complete Kit includes:

  • IntelliClimate
  • 24V DC 2.5A Power Supply with universal plug
  • 1 EnviroSensor (temperature, humidity, light, CO2)
  • Three (3) Twin Relay Boxes
  • 3m USB cable
  • Magnetic Door Switch
  • Mounting hardware
  • Instruction manual

  • Ease Of Use


    Easily move between set-points, alarms and configuration. Our step-by-step instruction manual makes set-up a breeze. Built in fail-safes to ensure the room will continue to function if there is an equipment failure.

    Connect To PC


    Using the IntelliGrow software, you can set your entire schedule up in one fell swoop, making changes if needed and saving schedules for future use. Change your lights or adjust your CO2, all automatically.

    Complete Control


    Working as a complete climate controller, the IntelliClimate will utilize every peripheral available to maintain your exact climate needs. The IntelliClimate is constantly evaluating and making decisions based on current attributes of the growing area.

    Autogrow Envirosensor


    Designed to accurately monitor climate variables within the growing area to help you manage your indoor farm and crops. It is recommended that a second sensor is used in rooms larger than 20’ x 20’ to get a more accurate reading. The IntelliClimate will take an average of both readings and make climate control decisions based on the average.

    Typical IntelliClimate Set Up

    General Set Up

    IntelliClimate In Depth

    Access Your Operation Remotely With Intelligrow & IntelliLink

    With IntelliGrow, your Intelli devices are accessible via a direct USB link to your computer, or remotely via IntelliLink so you can control your growing operation from your phone, tablet, or computer. IntelliGrow gives you complete visibility 24 hours a day and enables you to manage multiple locations from the comfort of your office, using a single sign on. Automatically manage your environment settings, set remote alarms and data log your progress with this one simple solution. Remote access is achieved using the IntelliLink Kit, which you can learn about here.

    Lighting Controls

    The controller can switch up to two light banks. When using both banks together, it allows the controller to stagger the switch on times so that the power surge from the first bank has subsided by the time the second bank comes on. Secondly, during the vegetative phase of growth, the lights are on for longer periods (18hours) but a lower intensity may be used.

    The controller has the ability to switch on one bank and alternate the banks each day. This ensures that the plants receive light from both sides. If, when one bank is turned on, the light sensor detects a low light level the controller assumes that that bank is out of action (bulb blown) and automatically switches on the other bank.

    If alarms are enabled, then it will alert you to the event of light failure aswell as power failure. In addition, the controller automatically checks the duration of the power outage and ensures that minimum cool down periods are complied with. This has a significant impact on lamp life. For those using air cooled lights, it is possible to fit small over-temperature cut-offs to avoid them overheating if the cooling fans should ever fail.

    Fan Controls

    The fans may be used for cooling, humidity reduction, air changes and to bring in ambient CO2 (if CO2 injection is not used at that time). During the day when CO2 is being injected, other means to control temperature or humidity will be used in preference to the fans which will only be used to force an occasional air change and provide a fail-safe if the aircon or dehumidifier fails. For simple systems that have CO2 injection but do not have airconditioning or dehumidification, the controller will operate as a cycle timer system with three timed phases 1) fans on, 2) fans off, inject CO2 and 3) stop injecting CO2 and wait while plants absorb CO2 then repeat cycle. In this mode, the controller will self-adjust the timings if it finds that CO2 is being wasted due to the fans being forced on by heat or humidity build up before the plants have time to use the CO2. If this situation is too bad it will stop injecting CO2 and will revert to maximum venting (within temperature limits) to bring in as much ambient CO2 as possible.

    Humidifier & Fogger Controls

    This output can drive either a standard fan based fogger or ultrasonic humidifier or alternatively, a nozzle type fogger. When humidifier is selected the function is very simple with the humidifier coming on when the humidity is too low and going off when it is satisfactory. In the case of the fogger selection, the operation is similar except when it is calling for humidification the output is pulsed on and off producing small puffs of fog and allowing time for each puff to dissipate before the next.

    Heater, Dehumidifier, and CO2 Controls

    The purpose and function of these devices is self-explanatory and they will all work to keep the temperature, humidity and CO2 close to the settings. In the advanced settings, you will also find switching offsets settings for each device that allow you to set the offset from the main setting at which it will turn on and another offset at which it will turn off. Although these come preset to typical values that will avoid excessive overshoot or rapid cycling in most grow rooms the use has the ability to customize their settings for it is possible for optimal performance.

    Unit Measurements

    You may select either degrees C or degrees F for temperature. CO2 concentration is measured in ppm and for the more advanced user VPD is measured in kPa/m2. The date format is selectable between mm/dd/yy and dd/mm/yy formats.

    Fail Safe Operation

    This controller has many fail safe functions built in. There are fail safes that will force on the fans if the air con or dehumidifier fail, others that will stop the CO2 if the door is opened (if intruder alarm fitted) and others that will switch over lights if a bulb fails or switch off lighting if the air-cooled shades overheat. If CO2 should run out or stop working, the controller will detect this and revert to maximising the intake of ambient CO2. These are in addition to the power-fail light-on sequencing.

    Advanced Settings & Rules

    These settings and rules are pre-set to typical values that will suit the majority of grow rooms, however, expert users may wish to alter them to achieve optimal performance. Note that the advanced settings are only accessible via IntelliGrow and are not available from the controller LCD menu system. If these are ever changed and the operation of the controller becomes incorrect, there is a button at the bottom of the screen which can be used to return the advanced settings to the factory default state.


    The alarms can be enabled to operate on the controller buzzer, the computer via it's sound card or to text you when using IntelliGrow. Each of these can be silenced or enabled. Any enabled alarm will sound when a relevant reading deviates outside user set limits. For humour, we have a selection of alarm sounds including regular, fun and adult. These can be selected on IntelliGrow under setup.

    System Specifications

    Specification Measurement
    Voltage 8 outputs 24VDC
    RH resolution +/-2% and accuracy
    Temperature resolution and accuracy 0.5°C/32.9°F
    Operating temperature range 0-50°C/32-125°F(not in direct sunlight)
    CO2 resolution and accuracy 50ppm
    Power source 120V/240V into 24VDC plug pack (supplied)
    Tech Specs


    BrandAutogrow Systems
    Weight (lb.)20
    Lead TimeThis product ships in 48 hours
    Length (in.)7.9
    Width (in.)12.6
    Height (in.)5.9
    Prop 65No
    Controller FunctionsTemperature Control, Humidity Control, Ventilation Control, Cycle Timer Control, CO2 Control, Lighting Control, Temp & Humidity Monitors
    CO2 Sensor TypeRemote CO2 Sensor
    CO2 Function50ppm
    Remote SensorYes
    Number of ZonesSingle Zone
    Temp Setting Range 0-50°C/32-125°F
    Has PhotocellNo
    Voltage120/240 Volts
    UL ListedNo

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