Agriair 1600PAC Air & Surface Purifier

Agriair 1600PAC Air & Surface Purifier


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OA1600PAC Spec Sheet

For packaging, drying, trimming and processing areas that require higher levels of air purification and sanitization of hard surfaces.

The Agriair® PAC air purifiers are designed for highly sensitive environments at risk of bio-contamination, such as drying, trimming and packaging areas. They effectively eliminate mold spores, powdery mildew, viruses, VOC’s, odors and even sub-micron particulates, preventing any microbial contamination of your final product. The units contain a powerful combination of medical-grade HEPA filter, bank of UV Germicidal lights and ionic oxidation (IO) generators (IO Generator Module Only for 1200PAC unit - Sold Separately) that provide multi-level purification of air passing through the unit plus sanitation of the air and surfaces in all the surrounding areas.

Contaminated air passing through these units is first irradiated with UV Germicidal lights, killing viruses and bacteria which are then removed together with particulates by a HEPA filter. The purified air is then mixed with friendly oxidizer plasma generated by the IO module (IO Generator Module Only for 1200PAC unit - Sold Separately) and is released into the surrounding area killing any mold spores, mildew, viruses, VOC’s and odor.

The PAC air purifiers offer variable speed airflows to create a high level of air sanitization in small to large indoor commercial spaces. The unit is portable, quiet, lightweight and has a small footprint to operate in occupied spaces, dispensaries or processing areas. These units can be used as air scrubbers to re-circulate and purify air or create either positive or negative air pressure environments.

An economical, safe and effective solution to many of the major air quality concerns of indoor commercial growers.

  • Particulates removed with medical-grade Hepa filter at 99.99% efficiency at 0.3 microns
  • Virus, microbes, and bio-contaminants on plants and hard to reach surfaces are reduced by 99.99% without biocides or chemicals
  • Up to 97% of airborne mold and mildew spores are destroyed before they have a chance of spreading and growing on plants, in vents and air system components
  • Strong odors associated with the indoor production of some crops, and additional odors from added nutrients, can be reduced by 85% thereby eliminating or reducing the need for bulky and expensive carbon filters
  • Capable of destroying up 99.99% of airborne pollen
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