Across International Larger ID T1 Glass Vacuum Cold Trap with 24/40 Joints

Across International Larger ID T1 Glass Vacuum Cold Trap with 24/40 Joints

SKU #: T1-2440

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In vacuum applications, a cold trap is a device that condenses all vapors except the permanent gases into a liquid or solid. The most common objective is to prevent vapors being evacuated from an experiment from entering a vacuum pump where they would condense and contaminate it. Particularly large cold traps are necessary when removing large amounts of liquid as in freeze drying.

Pumps that use oil either as their working fluid (diffusion pumps), or as their lubricant (mechanical rotary pumps), are often the sources of contamination in vacuum systems. Placing a cold trap at the mouth of such a pump greatly lowers the risk that oil vapors will back stream into the vacuum cavity.

Care should be taken when using a cold trap not to condense liquid oxygen (a light blue liquid) into the cold trap. Liquid oxygen is potentially explosive, and this is especially true if the trap has been used to trap solvent. Liquid oxygen can be condensed into a cold trap if a pump has sucked air through the trap when the trap is very cold.

T1-2440 features

  • Utilizes dry ice for optimal efficiency
  • Comes with scissor jack for easy collection flask removal
  • Easy to clean all glass construction
  • Small footprint
  • Setup in a few minutes
  • PTFE 24/40 to KF25 adapter NOT included

Note: We do not offer warranty on glassware. Please contact us if you see any imperfections on the glassware once you received your package.

Product Specs:

 Vacuum inlet /outlet
 24/40 joint                    
 Collection flask capaclity
 One liter
 Setup dimensions (WxDxH)
  6 x 11 x 28"
 Shipping dimensions (WxDxH)  30 x 18 x 9"
 Shipping weight  16 lbs

Package includes

  Part description


Part image

 Cold trap with lid, gasket, two 24/40 joint vacuum connectors,
 and one 35/20 joint drain port

1 set
  1L collection flask with 35/20 joint
1 pc
  Premium food grade silicone vacuum hose 6 ft
 Lab stand
1 pc
  Boss head clamp
2 pcs
 4 x 4" stainless steel scissor jack (min. height 1.75, max. height 6")
1 pc
  Collection flask cork ring stand 1 pc
  Stainless steel ball joint clamp 1 pc
  Cold trap support   1 pc
  Lab chain clamp 1 pc
 User's manual
1 pc
Tech Specs


BrandAcross International
Weight (lb.)25
Prop 65No
Length (in.)15
Width (in.)15
Height (in.)15
UL ListedNo