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Special Pricing

If you need to place a large order, please call or email one of our friendly associates to receive special pricing on your order. We will work with our vendors to get exceptional package deals and will pass the savings on to you. Are you building a grow room or modifying an existing grow with all of the latest technology and cost effective enhancements? Would you like to save some time and money? HydroBuilder.com can assemble a grow room design for you based on your grow space dimensions all while creating a packaged order that will save you money! With the length, width and height of your grow area we can precisely calculate air movement and lighting required for healthy plant growth, as well as the suggested number of plants, and more!

Please call, fax, or email us with your contact information and a few details about your project. Please include details such as number of lights, total light wattage, room length, width and height as well as what type of growing medium and growing technique you prefer to use (coco, hydroton, soil, aeroponics, etc.) and a friendly, knowledgeable associate will get back to you.

Most of HydroBuilder.com's associates are avid indoor growers with years of experience and techniques to share with you. We understand that growing indoors as well as outdoors can be much more than just a hobby! That's why you can be sure you are getting the most complete and accurate information about your potential grow room project. We are here to help!






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