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Phantom Digital Ballasts

In our quest to offer the highest performance and most energy efficient optionsfor greenhouse and indoor gardeners, we have created a premium digital ballast in a class by itself - the Phantom.

The Phantom offers the only vertical operation in the industry, saving space, while packing the punch of the most effective power-factor on the market, a high .98 out of 1. The Phantom operates below the radar, with its complete silence and low energy use making it almost fade into the background and letting your plants take center stage.

  • Rated #1 for reliability worldwide
  • Improved programming options
  • Full range of sizes
  • Multi-language instructions

Phantom technology features silent operation, lightweight design and proven durability.

Phantom Digital Ballasts - Model: PHE1THD


1000 Watt HPS Light

Phantom Digital Ballasts deliver energy efficiency and dimmable lumen output.

Get crucial benefits in an environment where energy costs are a critical factor. In addition to these advantages, digital ballasts weigh less and are smaller which means easy handling, quick installation and less physical space taken up by lighting equipment. Dimmableversions can conserve energy by reducing the amount of energy used at low light settings.

With intelligent ballast technology, the Phantom utilizes digital intuition, recognizing the difference between bulbs, and starting them up automatically. You have the choice of switching at any time between the all-around spectrum of halide to the enhanced red of sodium light.

Dimmable available on 600, 750 and 1000W only.

Phantom Digital Ballast Models