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Spotlight - Current Culture H2O Hydroponics Systems

Learn More about the Current Culture Hydroponic Systems and what makes them a great choice for deep water culture hydroponics!

Spotlight - Current Culture H2O Hydroponics Systems

Current Culture offers industry leading deep water culture hydroponic systems in 8, 13, and 35 gallon growth modules with various plant spacing options. This allows for over 50 unique system configurations to fit any size grow room for maximum yields. They feature the highest quality components available including durable ABS plastic plumbing, efficient air and water pumps and innovative designs including air-diffuser technology.



Deep Water Culture hydroponic systems are the most effective growing method available today and produce explosive growth. They are clean, easy to maintain and extremely durable. The systems from Current Culture easily hook up to helpful accessories like top-off reservoirs, water chillers and the super helpful automatic nutrient and pH dosers. With proper maintenance and gardening technique an Under Current system from Current Culture will easily outperform most alternative hydroponic system types.



Watch this short video to see a Current Culture Under Current System in action.

Learn more about the various types of hydroponic systems here to see how deep water culture is a unique alternative to the traditional ebb-and-flow method.

New innovations for 2016


2016 brought a number of new features to Current Culture Under Current Hydroponic Systems. It’s hard to believe Current Culture is approaching 10 years of offering the Under Current® DWC systems to growers around the world. Over the years they've made countless improvements in an effort to provide the best RDWC hydroponic system on the market. Current Culture has invested much time and expense in R&D bringing these newly developed improvements to market and we at Hydrobuilder are certain growers will quickly see the advantages of these changes.

CCH2O Lids in White

All CCH2O lids are now available in bright white ABS material. This upgrade reduces absorption of heat into the nutrient solution, decreasing the cooling load on your chilling system. These new lids are:

  • Highly Reflective
  • UV Stable
  • 100% Non-translucent (Does not allow light incursion.)
  • Cooler Operating: reducing total BTU being absorbed
  • No Visible Scale Build-up
  • Same Durable ABS Construction

Aqua-Pore™ Side Entry Kits



Current Culture recently changed all of the growth modules (8/13 gallon) to include a small hole in the upper lip; this allows the air hose to enter through the side. This upgrade allows growers to remove lids without having to disrupt aeration hose, making plant transitions much more seamless. Instructions have been updated to cover this modification.


Aqua-Pore™ Anchors



Included with all Under Current systems, the Aqua-Pore Anchor replaces the large O-ring in the bulkhead nut. The Aqua-Pore Diffuser slips under the feet of the Aqua-Pore Anchor on both sides of the growth module and is “anchored” from movement or floating. The Aqua-Pore Anchor is available in 2″ and 3″ for all 8/13-gallon systems. **Suction cups will still be included in all Aqua-Pore Diffuser kits.

White Hose


White 3/4″ Return Hose: All 3/4″ ID hose leading from return manifold to Epicenter is now supplied in white. The lighter material will reduce absorption of heat into the nutrient solution, reducing the load on your chilling system. 100% Non-translucent.

White HDPE 1/4″ Aeration Hose: All 1/4″ ID airline running from chrome splitter to growth module is now supplied in durable, kink resistant High Density Poly Ethylene. Besides being supremely durable and long lasting, HDPE is a recyclable plastic and a more eco-friendly alternative to the FPVC hose previously used. 100% Non-translucent.

White 3/4″ Aeration Hose: All 3/4″ ID hose leading from air pumps to chrome splitters is now supplied in white. The lighter material will reduce absorption of heat into the airline keeping air cooler before entering water. 100% Non-translucent.


Under Current® PRO Lids in White


Any PRO systems or SOLO Pro units ordered with 4 or 6-site lids will now come standard in White. Epicenter lids will remain black for the time being until inventory on hand is exhausted. Current Culture be transitioning all other sizes slowly throughout the year. The new white PRO lid features an Acrylic Korad cap which is UV enhanced to resist fading or discoloring for up to 10-years in high light/greenhouse environments. 100% Non-translucent.

Bulkhead now without O-rings

Please note Current Culture excluded O-rings from all bulkheads sold in Under Current RDWC systems and a-la-carte. The removal of the O-ring now affords an easier installation as it reduces associated friction caused by the O-ring, which lead to occasional sealing issues. The removal of this O-ring allows installers to quickly tighten nuts on bulkheads with little to no need for follow up cinching. The exclusion of the O-ring does nothing to reduce effectiveness of seal. *Note: All sealing of the bulkheads occur outside the growth module with the large flat gasket.

Hydrobuilder.com is your Current Culture Resource!

We are happy to offer the full line of Current Culture Under Current and Under Current PRO systems at Hydrobuilder.com. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the recent upgrades or how an Under Current system can improve your garden's production. We also carry the many upgrades, expansion kits and parts to keep your system running strong. If you need help picking the right size system for your grow space we are happy to provide over-the-phone consultations and can create scale layouts as needed. Give us a call at 888-815-9763 to get started with your Current Culture system today!