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How To Mix Nutrients For Plants

John demonstrates how easy it is to mix and pH balance nutrients before adding them to your plants. Always consult your feeding schedule for best results.

How To Mix Nutrients For Plants


John demonstrating how to mix nutrients using the example product from Emerald Harvest.

Items you will need:

  • Container to mix nutrients into
  • Water
  • Measuring cup, graduated cylinder or other measurement device suited to the units detailedĀ in the feeding schedule.

Consult your manufacturers feeding schedule for best results and any other instructions that might be critical before you begin. In this video John mixes the micronutrients first and then adds in the macronutrients, stirring between each. Be sure to shake each nutrient bottle before adding it for best results. Once all nutrients have been added, it is important to pH balance your nutrient solution before adding it to your plants to allow for optimal uptake by plant roots. Always make sure that your pH pen is accurately calibrated to be confident of accurate results.

Once nutrients have been mixed and pH balanced, they can be applied to your hydroponic or soil/soilless garden.

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