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Grow Tents vs Grow Cabinets

If you’re considering whether to set up a grow tent or a grow cabinet, there are multiple considerations to take into account. Find out what you're missing!

Grow Tents vs Grow Cabinets

If you’re considering whether to set up a grow tent or purchasing a grow cabinet, it’s likely you’re in one of three stages in your indoor growing experience—just starting out, contemplating making a leap, or seasoned veteran who is confident that they know what they want. Regardless of where you lie on the spectrum, there are multiple considerations to take into account.


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Just a Sprout or a Seedling

For those just starting out, you’re likely growing plants just for yourself. Don’t lose sight of that. Start small and smart. Purchasing a 10’ x 10’ grow tent or a custom-built grow cabinet for a few thousand dollars is probably not the wisest decision for you at this point.

Hydrobuilder offers three grow tent options for under $150. Each of these should be more than enough to get beginning growers off and running. None of these grow tents are larger than 2’ x 4’ and the smallest is a space conscious 2’ x 2’. This allows them to easily fit into a corner of the room or even a small closet. Maybe just as important, each of these options is readily available, meaning you will be able to start your endeavor much sooner than you would if you were waiting for a grow cabinet to be built and then shipped to you.



If you are convinced that you need to invest a bit more, there are heavy duty grow tents that come in comparable sizes. Alternatively, grow cabinets can be easily locked and appear just like any other cabinet would allowing them to blend in to just about any setting.

Grow tents offer great flexibility and customization options. This includes the multitude of sizes that you have to choose from (up to 10’ x 20’) as well as deciding what lighting and ventilation systems you want to use. The ability to build your system from scratch, choosing the lighting and ventilation components that you want—that also fit your budget—offers a huge measure of freedom. You aren’t locked into the constraints of a grow closet, and you can adjust your personal growing area as necessary. Some grow tents, such as those from Gorilla, allow you to easily add additional vertical space to your grow tent with zip in extensions.



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Growing Up

You may find grow tents suit your purposes perfectly fine, regardless of whether you are growing just for yourself, for retail purposes, or even as a wholesaler. There’s a chance that you may also find them to be too labor intensive. A grow cabinet may be a better way to go. Like grow tents, grow cabinets come in a variety of sizes, but without question the startup costs can be considerable. While you may have to wait up to a month to actually receive a custom-built grow cabinet, you’ll be able to get started virtually immediately, and the growth rates for your plants can be comparable to a grow tent or even better.


Grow cabinets are self-contained hydroponic systems that can accommodate soil as well. Grow cabinets come complete and ready to go with a lighting system and ventilation system installed. Naturally, they are more durable than grow tents, but they don’t offer the same flexibility. What they lack in that department, however, grow cabinets make up for by blending into their surroundings much better. Additionally, grow cabinets offer more than a zipper when it comes to security. They are sturdy and lockable. Ultimately, grow cabinets provide peace of mind and a measure of protection for your investment that grow tents simply cannot.



Make the right choice for your needs. Be it a tent or a grow cabinet, Hydrobuilder has everything you need to get started quickly.

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