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Complete Grow Tent Packages

Complete Grow Tent Packages

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MH Grow Lights

Metal Halide Grow Lights

Metal Halide grow lights make a great addition to your current HID grow light set-up and can help enhance all stages of growth, from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage to maximize resin production. Metal Halide lamps will provide better growth and healthier plants during various stages of the grow cycle when paired with HPS lamps, rather than just using a HPS lamp alone. Make sure to replace your bulbs and reflectors every 9-12 months to prevent light efficiency loss. For more information call our indoor grow light experts at 1-888-815-9763 or email [email protected]

Popular MH Lighting Kits

Metal Halide Grow Lights

Hydrobuilder has a complete offering of metal halide grow light equipment for all your indoor growing needs. We offer great deals from MH bulbs to complete MH grow light kits. We offer great deals on MH grow light components like ballast and reflectors too. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions 1-888-815-9763.