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Complete Grow Tent Packages

Complete Grow Tent Packages

Start growing indoors today!

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Sun System Reflectors on Sale

Deep discounts on many reflector models!

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Hydrobuilder grow tents on sale now!

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Save Now on Our Coolest Products!

Save Now on Sun System LEC Lighting!

High output, low heat and low energy lighting from Sun System. Get your garden running cooler and more efficiently than ever! Take advantage of coupon: SUNLEC

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Sun System Fluorescent Lighting!

Find and save on the best options for fluorescent T5 lighting. Great for seed starting and young plants these cool lights can be placed low over the canopy.

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Failure is Not an Option!

Take control over your garden's atmosphere and lighting with the quality controller components from Titan Controls. Highly configurable for every type of room! Take advantage of coupon: TITANSAVE and FREE Shipping!

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Titan Controls CO2 Injection

Give your plants a BIG boost by adding CO2 to your sealed environment. From tanks and regulators to NG and LP CO2 emitters you can increase growth with Titan Controls. Take advantage of coupon: TITANSAVE and FREE Shipping!

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High Quality Reflective Film

Keep your light where you want it!. Mylar film works great to add reflection to your walls and block out window or light leaks. Grab a roll at a great price!

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Tough as Nails Fabric Pots

Flexible, easy to use and providing great aeration Gorilla fabric pots are your answer for indoor and outdoor gardening. Tan fabric help keeps the root zone cooler!

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LEC Grow Tent Packages

The perfect way to get started, or expand your garden! Great lighting that's cooler and easier to setup packed with a high quality grow tent and everything you need to grow!

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Cool OFF! With Ideal Air

The high quality and easy-to-install mini-split and portable air conditioners are your cure for the summer heat. Stop worrying about garden temps now!

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Complete Water Filtration

Get the cleanest water possible for your garden with the help of Hydro Logic complete RO filtration systems. High quality components and easy to use! Take advantage of coupon: HYDROLOGIC and FREE Shipping!

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Upgrade Your Filtration System!

From UV sterilization to advanced flow meters and booster pumps we have everything you need to increase the efficiency of your RO. Replacement filters and membranes too! Take advantage of coupon: HYDROLOGIC and FREE Shipping!

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